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  • HIFU HU300

Name: RenaSlim--Body Shape HIFU System

Model No.: HU300

Brand: Winkonlaser

Series: HIFU Body Slimming

Information:  Body slimming

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RenaSlim® is the first body HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) slimming unit. It is a breakthrough of non surgical slimming treatment, by deliver the high density energy accurately and quickly to targeted fat with 4 transducers.

The HIFU energy will stimulate the deep-seated fat tissue fast friction and produce big heat immediately, such to burn fat tissue into fat acid, at the same time, high intensity ultrasound also can speed up body metabolism as well as shrink our skin fibers, so the treatment of RenaSlim will help you lose weight, body shape, skin tightening and lifting.